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Outlook prompting for restart

Q: We’re getting reports that Outlook is prompting users for a restart, is this normal? A: This is expected…once again. Even using Exchange 2013 or 2016 versions. History: The Exchange and Outlook product groups try their best to minimize any disruptions that impact end uses. However, sometimes there are technologies that are built in that

Ruler in Outlook

Q: Is there a way to enable the rule option in Outlook? A: Yes. The ruler option in Word is also available in Outlook. Easy enough to turn on for specific client machines or for every Outlook client within your domain environment by applying a GPO. Set the following registry key value: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Word\Options\WordMail] “Ruler”=dword:00000001 (Enables

How to create consistent signatures and send them from other mailboxes

A while ago, I created a description process on how to create signatures for Outlook, how to deploy them to many people at once, and for those users to be able to send from another mailbox. The article is now posted on the Exchange Team Blog Site with the actual link here. Sometimes the information we PFE’s build