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No one received the certificate expiration notification!

Exchange Certificates Prior to Exchange Server 2013, the Exchange application did not automatically notify administrators of a pending upcoming certificate expiring. One of the issues we administrators run into is expiring certificates. If the Exchange environment has a certificate that expires, then typically, trusted access via clients is interrupted. The good news is, you should ask

Protect OU’s from accidental deletion

Here is a quick and easy one line PowerShell script to set all of the Organizational Units (OU’s) in your Active Directory (AD) to protect from accidental deletion. I know others have posted similar information, but it never hurts to raise awareness of this setting. And also, since I run into many customers that do

Opening multiple files in ISE

Q: Is there a way to open a bunch of files in ISE quickly? A: Yes. Get-ChildItem -Path C:\MyWork -Filter My*.ps1 | ForEach-Object {ise $_.FullName} In this case, any files that start with ‘My’, under the ‘c:\MyWork’ folder, will run through the foreach-object loop and open those files. You can change the path or change the filter options to

To archive or not to archive…

This article is about choice and how ‘it depends’ for different environments. The philosophical question of how a roll of toilet paper should be placed on the roller; have the paper dispense over the top of the roll, or from below. Every version of Exchange introduces new paradigms and options that can have impact on