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Exchange online preservation policy summary

I love the cloud, yet sometimes it is not easy to keep up with the ever-changing topology. With the quickness and agility of O365 and the amazing new tools and processes, it’s an exciting time but one you must keep up with on all the changes. This article is written to help clear up some

You should have notifications of RRS feeds to updates on specific websites

If you are in IT and work with a specific technology, or a group of technologies, then you should truly leverage the ability to get notifications from product group web sites, or at least important sites that you ought be following. Recently, Exchange servers had an issue with specific Windows Updates. Without getting a notification,

Ever changing life cycle process

Service Packs for Microsoft products, at the time, were provided with 12-24 months of support depending on the product after the release of the next service pack. For Exchange Server 2013, the SP1 is caught in an awkward state of support perpetuity until Exchange 2013 itself hits the end of support lifecycle as there was

Using PowerShell instead of command line to keep a transcript

Ok, so all of you that use Command Line (CMD.exe), it is probably time to stop and just use PowerShell. Now there is nothing wrong with cmd, as we’ve used it for many, many years. However, there is no transcript option available. Many of you know and some do not, that PowerShell has a built

New Snipping tool

Just got my notification that Windows 10 is implementing a new snipping tool. The snipping tool was introduced in Windows Vista and is now being updated with the ‘Snip & Sketch’. You can download the toolset from here:

Documentation made easy

I’m going to tell you a way that you can make change management documents with ease, build ‘run documentation’ for your IT staff in seconds, generate user training articles effortlessly, and it’s all FREE! That’s right. Build, create, and share documentation for free. How you ask? With the Windows built-in psr.exe application. What? Haven’t heard