Tag: Notes from the Field

What to name your DAG?

Was helping a customer the other day and the topic of what to name your DAG (Exchange Database Availability Group) was presented. One thought is to just name it ‘DAG’. Works well, but the issue is, when migrating from Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange Server 2013, or 2010 to 2016, or 2013 to 2019, etc.

FieldNote: Big red button at the data center

Story 1: One day, a maintenance worker went downstairs to perform some work in the company’s data center. He walked up to the door, saw a big red button, with no label, and assumed it was the way to open the door. Why not have automatic doors that need a button? He pushed it, the

FieldNote: Secure password in file?

Sometimes you must store a password for an account in a PowerShell script file. One option is to leverage the ConvertTo-SecureStringcmdlet. By running this cmdlet on a machine, with a specific password, a secure string is generated. You put that value into your file, and then you can run a ConvertFrom-SecureSting to run the script securely. However, I

RunAs Radio: Stories from the Field

I was interviewed for a ‘RunAs Radio’ episode which was posted on August 29, 2019 with a 30 minute discussion about stories from the field. Ready for a chuckle? Richard chats with Mike O’Neill about a number of stories from his work as a Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft. While it’s best to always be kind, some